All our services are offered at sliding scale pricing in an effort to make bodywork accessible to everyone. Pay what you are able to.
When you book our services at Milldale Farm, 20% of all proceeds go to Vermont Be True Non-Profit, which helps low-income people afford the many healing services offered there.

~ Personalized Healing Session ~

These are personalized healing sessions for people seeking a transformative experience. We often begin with dialogue and then then create a custom session drawing on a combination of tools including Meditation, Digestive System Healing, Spinal Alignment, Deep Joint Rotations, Breath Work and Hawaiian Massage. In these sessions we focus on evolution through healing on a physical, psychological, and spiritual level. We go for the root of underlying causes that create tension, pain, and illness. These sessions are open-ended, allowing space for whatever comes up, and usually take 3-5 hours. This holistic approach creates long-lasting positive results.


    ~ Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage ~


Lomilomi is the traditional bodywork of Hawaii. It has been passed down since ancient times by generations of Kahunas and has gained popularity worldwide.


Lomilomi is holistic, treating body, mind, and spirit as one. On the physical level, Lomi uses full-body strokes that emulate ocean waves to promote integration between the different areas of the body, which can be more effective at healing pain, tension, and energy blockages than working on areas in isolation. It improves circulation, and helps the lymphatic system flush toxins from the body.


Lomilomi can also have profound impacts on mental/emotional/spiritual wellbeing. It promotes deep relaxation and stress release and can be used to access and release our emotional baggage and traumas as well. Lomilomi sessions are very meditative in nature and can help us reconnect with our sense of purpose and potential in life.


We practice 4 lineages of Lomi: Heartworks, Temple-Style, Big Island, & Kahi Loa, which we blend to create customized session for your needs.

60 min ~ $75-100

90 min ~ $110-140

120 min with Deep Joint Rotations ~ $150-200

~ Deep Joint Rotations ~


Deep Joint Rotations are a traditional component of Temple Style Lomi sessions. This unique modality involves slowly rotating each joint (shoulders, hips, knees, elbows, wrists, and ankles) at its maximum range of motion, which clears out all the junk that gets stored in the socket. The rotations can improve alignment and increase range of motion.


This can be incorporated into a 2 hour Lomi Session (see above).

~ Lomi HA Breathwork ~


A most effective way to dump the baggage and create change. Take the express elevator and enjoy the view, 

This can be its own session, or incorporated into a Lomilomi Massgae Session.

~ Couples Lomi Massage ~

Experience the bliss of a Lomi massage side by side with your partner, family member, or friend and a pair of practitioners. This is a great treat for a birthday, anniversary, date night, holiday, or any day you want to make special!

90min ~ $220-280

60min ~ $150-200

~ Tandem Massage ~

Tandem (4-hands) massage is a unique and amazing experience. Two practitioners work on a single receiver in synchronicity. Not only does it feel amazing, but we can do more work in the same amount of time.


90min ~ $220-280

60min ~ $150-200

~ The Body Tune Up ~

The Body Tune Up is a two-part system designed to enhance your health and wellbeing. You'll be amazed how these simple techniques can create profound change in your life! The two pieces are:


Stress-Toxin Management

If you experience high stress or have any chronic symptoms that won't go away, this work can transform your life! Stress is managed by the digestive system. When we take on too much stress, it can overload certain valves and breakdown the colon lining. This causes toxins to be recycled through the bloodstream, which results in any number of chronic symptoms including pain, inflammation, IBS, anxiety, depression, and more. This condition is known as Leaky Gut Syndrome, and it is estimated that 80% of Americans have it. In this session, we will use simple techniques to check the function of the valves and reset any that are out of balance, stopping the leak of toxins. If you require it, we will recommend a temporary meal plan to allow your colon lining to heal. Many people have experienced great relief from this work.

Learn More About THE MEAL PLAN

Passive Structural Alignment

This treatment will improve your posture, energy flow, and overall performance. I recommend this modality for people with back/neck pain and headaches. We use gentle techniques to realign all the vertebrae in your spine as well as your ribs, hips, cranials, occiput, universal joints, and more.

You can receive either piece individually or as a pair. We recommend combining them with a Lomilomi massage to give your system a thorough detox.


Body Tune Up (Both Pieces) ~ $75-100

Stress-Toxin Management ~ $50-75

Passive Structural Alignment ~ $30-45

Combine either/both with a massage ~ $10 discount

Followup Sessions ~ $20 each or 3/$45

(The length of time required to do this work varies.)

~ Touch For Health ~

Applied Kinesiology

Touch For Health (TFH) is a very effective modality for working with chronic or acute pain, stress, anxiety, tight muscles, low energy, decreased mobility, and more. TFH is so effective because it focuses on treating the underlying cause of the symptoms.


In a basic session, we will do a Meridian Balance.  Using muscle testing to communicate directly with your body's intuitive wisdom and locate any blockages in your various systems that create physical or emotional stress. Then we use a variety of simple techniques to release them, allowing the body return to its natural state of health and vitality. Many people leave these sessions feeling empowered to achieve their goals and maintain their wellbeing with the techniques they learned.

A TFH Balance can also be a beneficial add-on to a massage, so we offer 30 minute condensed Meridian Balances that you can add to another session.

$50-75 per hour

$20-30 per half hour when paired with a massage

~ Lifestyle Consultations & Personalized Yoga Coaching ~

Do you have questions about using foods and herbs to use to support your wellness, exercises and yoga methods to achieve your health goals, or bodywork to support your journey? Sara loves sharing her insight and experience in personal consultations and one-on-one yoga classes.

$40-75 per hour

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Prefer to receive your session at home?

We offer home visits!

$15 + 50¢ per mile

(In addition to the cost of the offering)

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