If you don't have the financial means to afford this work, contact us.
We are able to offer sliding scale pricing to those who need it- on the honor system.

The Full Session

These are personalized healing sessions for people seeking a deeply transformative experience. We begin with dialogue and meditation and from there we will use a combination of tools including Meditation, Breathwork, Digestive System Healing, Spinal Alignment, Deep Joint Rotations, and Hawaiian Massage. In these sessions we focus on evolution through healing on a physical, psychological, and spiritual level. We go for the root of underlying causes that create tension, pain, and illness. These sessions are open-ended, allowing space for whatever comes up, and usually take 3-5 hours. This holistic approach creates long-lasting positive results.

$225-300 sliding scale

    Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage

Lomilomi is an ancient form of Hawaiian bodywork. Wave-like, full-body strokes integrate the whole body and mind, providing a thorough lymphatic flush, which aides in the release of stress and toxins. During sessions, we connect with the breath to facilitate the release of old patterns and tension, creating space for vitality, peace, and freedom. We offer four unique styles of Lomi from Kauai, Maui, and the Big Island:

       Heartworks Lomi

~ Traditional Hawaiian Massage ~


Heartworks Lomi is a deeply therapeutic full-body massage that emulates the ocean waves of Hawaii. This style uses long, flowing strokes to fully relax the body and mind, allowing for deep peace to arise.


90min ~ $105

60min ~ $75

       Temple Style Lomi

~ Shamanic Bodywork: A Journey to the Stars ~


Temple Style Lomi is a powerful form of Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork. Rhythmic waves of forearm and elbow strokes flow across the whole body, providing deep tissue release and freeing stuck energy. This style also uses manual stretching to create openness and flexibility.

Deep Joint Rotations are a traditional component of Temple Style sessions. This is a unique method that involves deeply rotating each joint (shoulders, hips, knees, elbows, wrists, and ankles) to its maximum range of motion, clearing out all the junk that gets stored in the socket. The rotations can improve alignment and increase range of motion. This process takes time so a 2.5 hour session is required for the full experience.


2.5 hours (with Deep Joint Rotations) ~ $180

2 hours ~ $150

90min ~ $105

Deep Joint Rotations only ~ $75 (appx 1 hour)

           The Body Tune Up

          ~ Optimize your Health ~

The Body Tune Up is a two-part system designed to radically enhance your health and wellbeing. You'll be amazed how these simple techniques can create profound change in your life! You can receive the sections individually or as a pair. We recommend combining them with a Lomi Lomi massage to give your system a thorough detox. The two pieces are:


Digestive System Rebalancing

If you experience high stress or have any chronic symptoms that won't go away, this work can transform your life! Stress is managed by the digestive system, and too much stress can overload certain valves, resulting in the recycling of toxins throughout the bloodstream. This can lead to any number of chronic symptoms including pain, inflammation, anxiety, and depression. This condition is known as Leaky Gut Syndrome, and it is estimated that 80% of Americans have it. In this session, we will use simple techniques to check the function of the valves and reset any that are out of balance, stopping the leak of toxins. If you require it, we will recommend a temporary meal plan to allow your colon lining to heal. I've seen miracles happen in this work!

Learn More About THE MEAL PLAN

Passive Structural Alignment

This treatment will improve your posture, energy flow, and overall performance. I recommend this modality for people with back/neck pain and headaches. Using Applied Kinesiology, Orthobionomy, and Breathwork, we will gently realign all the vertebrae in your spine as well as your ribs, hips, cranials, occipital, universal joints, and more. PSA pairs well with Heartworks Lomi to bring alignment to both bones and tissue.


Body Tune Up (Both Pieces) ~ $90

Digestive System Rebalancing ~ $60

Passive Structural Alignment ~ $30

Combine either/both with a massage ~ $10 discount

Followup Sessions ~ Half Price

(The length of time required to do this work varies.)

       Big Island Lomi

~ Hawaiian Healing with Aloha ~


Big Island Lomi is a very soothing form of traditional Lomi from the Kahuna Aunty Margaret. It is quite relaxing with a focus on embodying the Aloha Spirit. This lineage incorporates wave-like strokes with gentle stretches and bonewashing techniques.


90min ~ $105

60min ~ $75

      Kahi Loa Lomi

~ Hawaiian Shamanism ~


Kahi Loa, meaning 'Eternal Oneness', is a form of light-touch energy work. Receivers will be guided on an interactive journey, invoking the various elements and kingdoms of nature to assist in their healing.


90min ~ $105

60min ~ $75

       Touch For Health - Applied Kinesiology

~ Balance Body, Mind, and Spirit ~

Touch For Health (TFH) is a very effective modality for working with chronic or acute pain, stress, anxiety, tight muscles, low energy, decreased mobility, and more. TFH is so effective because it focuses on treating the underlying cause of the symptoms.


In a basic session, we will do a Meridian Balance.  Using muscle testing to communicate directly with your body's intuitive wisdom and locate any blockages in your various systems that create physical or emotional stress. Then we use a variety of simple techniques to release them, allowing the body return to its natural state of health and vitality. Many people have experienced miraculous results from these sessions and left feeling empowered to achieve their goals and maintain their wellbeing with the techniques they learned.

A TFH Balance can also be a beneficial add-on to a massage, so we offer 30 minute condensed Meridian Balances that you can add to another session.

$50 per hour

$20 per half hour when paired with a massage

         Couples Lomi Massage

This is a great option for you and your partner to experience the unconditional love, light, and peace of a Lomi massage side by side with a pair of practitioners. This is a great treat for a birthday, anniversary, date night, holiday, or any day you want to make special!

90min ~ $200

60min ~ $140

         Lifestyle Consultations

  & Personalized Yoga Coaching

Do you have questions about using foods and herbs to use to support your wellness, exercises and yoga methods to achieve your health goals, or bodywork to support your journey? Sara loves sharing her insight and experience in personal consultations and one-on-one yoga classes.


         Tandem Massage

Tandem Massage - Tandem (4-hands) massage is a unique and amazing expeience. Two practitioners work on a single receiver in synchronicity.

90min ~ $200

60min ~ $140

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$15 + 50¢ per mile* 

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