Practitioner Bios

Benj Spound


I offer Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage, Applied Kinesiology, The Body Tune Up: Digestive System Rebalancing & Spinal Alignment, Touch for Health, and more.


I love using bodywork as a means to access the deep inner work. In sessions, my goal is to get at the root cause of symptoms, break down old patterns, release toxins, tensions, and traumas, and unite body, mind, and spirit in a state of harmony and freedom. Another focus I have is helping the receiver feel empowered to take charge of their own wellbeing though education and re-patterning.


I draw on my experience studying and practicing meditation, Buddhist psychology, and eastern philosophy, and love incorporating elements of them into my practice to create transformative healing experiences.


Sara Paton:

I offer Lomilomi Massage and The Body Tune Up.

I first experienced the power and healing of Lomi Lomi from my husband, Benj. After that experience, I took several trainings with his teacher, who had come from Hawaii to Vermont to teach. One of the aspects of this work that really resonates with me is Ho'oponopono - a practice of forgiveness and unconditional love. I love applying this to the physical work.


I have been following my love for healing since studying Alternative Medicine in college, and becoming a certified yoga teacher. Lomi and the other body work I have learned has proven to be a fabulous addition to yoga and herbalism for my own health and I am very passionate about sharing this with my community.

I am especially inspired to share The Body Tune Up because I've experienced its effect on my own life. I struggled with chronic

hypoglycemia for my whole life. I had tried many different diets and none of it worked. After receiving a Body Tune Up and strictly following the recommended meal plan for two weeks, my hypoglycemia vanished and has not returned. I have been living with a whole new perspective ever since and love to offer the healing that affected me in such a huge way. 

My mission is to share these healing modalities with those who need it and to continue my learning and growing in healing arts.

Thanks to our Teachers

To the Kahunas who brought their lineages of Lomi into the world:

Sherman 'Raman Das' Dudoit        Kahu Abraham Kawai'i        Aunty Margaret Machado        Serge Kahili King          Uncle Harry Uhane Jim     

and to our teachers for sharing their knowledge:

               Wayne Kealohi Powell                            Patti Kale'aokalani Miller                    Bethany Boulger                     Arlene Green