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Tandem Lomi Training 

with Benj Spound
June 14-17, 2023
Brookfield, VT


This training is part of our 8-day Lomilomi Training. However, anyone who has completed a Lomilomi Training with us is welcome to join the class for just the 3 days of Tandem training.

Tandem Lomi is one of my absolute favorite styles to give and receive and it has been a goal of mine for many years to offer this class! I am so excited to finally have it on the schedule, and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!

Tandem Massage involves 2 practitioners working on a single receiver in synchronicity! Lomilomi is practically made for Tandem. So many amazing Lomi strokes become even more amazing when they are happening on both sides of the body at once. This provides an extremely unique experience to the receiver. With 4 hands working at once, the mind is unable to follow the strokes and often drops into a very deep state of relaxation or even trance. The benefits of the work include bringing peace to the physical body and nervous system, relaxing the mind, and creating space for physical/mental/emotional/spiritual release and growth.

In this class, I will share a Tandem routine that I have been developing for the last few years. It includes techniques from 4 different lineages of Lomi:

  • Heartworks Lomi from Sherman Dudoit and the Kahunas of Maui

  • Temple Style Lomi from Kahu Abraham Kawai’i.

  • Big Island Lomi from the Kahuna Aunty Margaret

  • Creating space and Lomi HA from Uncle Harry


I will share techniques I use for syncing up with your partner and different ways of playing with the strokes to create your own unique flows after the class ends. We will spend most of the days giving and receiving tandem sessions. This will be a lot of fun!

My goal is to spend less time teaching the techniques and more time focusing on how to use the techniques in a Tandem setting. I certainly don't expect you to have trained in all of those lineages, so I will definitely plan on demonstrating them anyways. Familiarity with any of the lineages is fine for a prerequisite and will help us get through a large amount of material in 3 days.


Course Details

Tuition includes on-site accommodation and 3 Home-cooked meals a day.  In your free time, enjoy optional daily yoga classes and free time for hiking or swimming.

Tuition: $400

VSAC GRANTS: Vermonters can apply for VSAC non-degree grants

to cover the full cost of this training. Contact Benj for more info.


June 8: Afternoon Check-In and Opening Circle

June 9-13: Lomilomi Training

June 14-16: Tandem Training

June 17: Closing Circle/Graduation and Checkout

If you have any questions, you can reach Benj at or 802.793.5764.

Please read our Cancellation Policy before registering.




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