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Lomilomi ~ Hawaiian Massage Training 
NCBTMB Approved Course ~ Eligible for 32 CE credits

with Benj Spound
November 6-9, 2023
Top Notch Resort - Stowe, VT


About Lomilomi

Lomilomi is the traditional massage style of Hawaii. Each island has unique lineages of Lomi that have been passed down since ancient times. Although there are many technical differences between the lineages, each share the common underlying belief that humans are more than a physical body. Lomi practitioners work with the receiver on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels to enhance their overall wellbeing. This approach makes Lomi highly effective at releasing tension, calming the nervous system, promoting integration between the different areas of the body, and bringing people back into a sense of alignment. Its movements are inspired by the ocean, with emphasis on rhythm and flow. There is also a heavy focus on using the breath as a tool to move stuck energy. In modern times, Lomi has become popular around the world. Receivers love the way the massage feels and often have powerful experiences while receiving this work.


​In this workshop, you will learn a full-body Lomilomi routine that incorporates techniques from 3 unique lineages. Material covered will include:


•           Flowing, wave-like strokes using the hands from the heart-centered, meditative lineage of Heartworks Lomi from Sherman Dudoit and the Kahunas of Maui

•           ​Rhythmic forearm and elbow techniques, deep stretches, twists, and hip openers from the Temple-Style Lomi Lineage of Kahu Abraham Kawai’i.


•           ​Creating space in-between the vertebrae and joints through pulling, rotating, and shaking AND Lomi Ha Breathwork as a tool for releasing blocked energy from modern-day Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim.


•           We will also explore the meditation techniques and philosophical tenets of Lomi to ground our understanding in where this work comes from.


This course will be hands-on experiential learning. Each class will begin with discussion and meditation followed by a demonstration of the new techniques. The majority of the class will then be devoted to hands-on practice. In the final class, students will trade full sessions.


This class is open to people of all experience levels, from beginners to long-time practitioners. The routine you will learn can be the foundation of a new massage practice or a wonderful addition to an existing practice.

Upon completion you will receive a certificate from Vermont Holistic Bodywork and, for those that want them, 32 Continuing Education Credits from the NCBTMB.

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Course Details


9am: Morning Class begins. Please arrive early to settle in*.

1pm: Lunch Break

2pm: Afternoon Class begins. Again, please arrive a few minutes early to settle in.

6pm: Class ends**

*We will be covering a lot of material. I ask everyone to arrive a little early each day to settle in so we can begin class right on time.

**I also request that you avoid making plans in the evenings after class if possible in case we run over time I will do my best to end on time each day, but this is deep work, and sometimes things come up that require a little extra time.

Day 1 ~ Nov 6

Morning Class - Prone: Heartworks Lomi Opening Sequence on Back 

Afternoon Class - Prone: Temple Style Lomi Strokes for Back

Day 2 ~ Nov 7

Morning Class - Prone: Back and Arms

Afternoon Class - Prone: Legs

Day 3 ~ Nov 8

Morning Class - Supine: Legs, Feet, Arms, & Hands

Afternoon Class - Supine: Torso, Belly, Neck, Head, & Face

Day 4 ~ Nov 9

Morning Class - Full Session One = 4 Hours

Afternoon Class - Full Session Two = 4 Hours



Top Notch Resort is located on the Stowe Mountain Road in Stowe, VT. It is an all-inclusive resort with saunas, hot tubs, pools, gym, and more. If you would like to stay on site for a more immersive experience and to enjoy the amenities, you can book a room at the resort for a discounted rate of $149/night. To get the discount, book a room online or over the phone and use GROUP CODE: LOMI23 

There are a block of rooms reserved for us. 14 days before the event begins, all unreserved rooms will be unblocked. Reservations after this time will be on an as-available basis.

Venue Website:

Tuition: $800

A non-refundable deposit of $400 is required to reserve your space. The full balance is due by the start of class.

VSAC GRANTS: Vermonters can apply for VSAC non-degree grants to cover the full cost of this training. Contact Benj for more info.


If you have any questions, you can reach Benj at or 802.793.5764.


Please read our Cancellation Policy before registering.




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