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Intro to Lomilomi ~ Hawaiian Massage Training

with Benj Spound
May 18-22, 2022
The Heron Educational Center for the Human Spirit, Westport, MA


Lomi Lomi is the traditional massage style of Hawaii. It has been passed down since ancient times by the Kahunas, the mystics, healers, and master energy workers of Hawaii. Each island had its own unique lineages of Lomi, but each shared the belief that humans are more than the physical body. Their work encompassed the entire spectrum of a person…physical, psychological, and spiritual. It is highly effective at integrating the different areas of the body, clearing blockages, moving energy, and bringing people back into a sense of alignment. It is very meditative work, and students were expected to do their own inner work before working with others.

In modern times, Lomi has become popular around the world. Its movements are inspired by the ocean, and much like sitting in the waves, receiving Lomi can be relaxing yet energizing, gentle yet deep, soothing yet powerful. It can bring people into deep trances, or help them feel more grounded. There is a heavy focus on the breath as a tool to move energy…from both the giver and receiver.

​In this 5-day workshop, you will learn a full-body routine that incorporates techniques from 3 different lineages from Kauai, Maui, and the Big Island. It will be very hands-on; you will be giving and receiving sessions every day.

Material covered will include:
~Cascading wave-like strokes from the heart-centered, meditative tradition of Sherman Dudoit and the Kahunas of Maui
​~Rhythmic forearm and elbow strokes, deep stretches, twists, and hip openers from the lineage of Kahu Abraham Kawai’i.
​~Creating space in-between the vertebrae and joints through the application of gravity and leverage with the breath from modern-day Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim.
​~Lomi HA ~ Breathwork as a tool for releasing blocked energy
​~ We will also focus on the meditative and contemplative aspects of the tradition with an emphasis on grounding meditation.

This class is open to people of all experience levels…from total beginners to long-time practitioners. The routine you will learn is enough to begin a new practice or a wonderful addition to an existing practice.

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Daily Schedule:
Arrive at 8:30am to settle in
Morning Class: 9am-12:30pm
Lunch Break: 12:30pm-2pm
Afternoon Class: 2pm-5pm

We will do my best to stay on schedule, but ask that you keep your evenings flexible if possible in case things come up that cause us to run a little late. You may also find that things come up for you with this work, and it is nice to have spaciousness to let it settle and integrate if possible.

Please read our Cancellation Policy before registering.



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